Identical Twins at Penncrest High Organize School Blood Drive

Twin sisters Michele (left) and Jess Sun
Image via Alejandro A. Alvarez, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Twin sisters Michele (left) and Jess Sun

Two Penncrest High identical twins, Michele and Jess Sun, took the lead on planning and hosting a recent blood drive at the school, with the drive’s 125 available appointments all booked by Penncrest students and faculty, writes Nate File for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The two juniors wanted to give something to the community.

“Knowing that there’s such a [need for blood], us doing this at our school will help so many people who need [it] right now,” said Michele, who is considering a career in medicine.

The donated blood went to Philadelphia area hospitals.

 “There is a persistent need for blood donations in Pennsylvania and across the United States. With the high demand for life-saving blood, there is a constant strain on the blood supply,” said a spokesperson from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

The COVID-19 pandemic meant a large decrease in the number of people donating blood. The hope is that people who donated before the pandemic will now return.

The Sun sisters promoted the blood drive and encouraged their friends to sign up, though they admitted they had some initial concerns about donating themselves.

“I’m definitely scared of needles,” Jess confessed.

Read more about Michele and Jess Sun and the Penncrest High blood drive in Media at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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