From Villanova Football’s Jake Reichwein, Life-Saving Bone Marrow

Jake Reichwein after a bone marrow donation procedure
Jake Reichwein after a bone marrow donation procedure

Villanova University is helping find bone marrow donors through the “One Match, Second Chance” campaign, writes Alicia Vitarelli for 6abc.

The campaign finds matches for patients on a waiting list for this life-saving donation.

Villanova football player Jake Reichwein stepped forward and discovered he was a match for a patient in need.

While most bone marrow donations are as easy as a blood or plasma donation, 10 percent of donors, like Reichwein, had to undergo outpatient surgery.

 “I’ve been feeling great,” he said. “It’s been a pretty cool thing. I’m really excited that I was the 1 percent that got chosen to be a donor for this person in need.”

Pretty soon, Reichwein will be able to meet the woman whose life he saved.

Villanova University has been involved in the bone marrow donation program since 1992 when football coach Andy Talley believed athletes could take the lead in the campaign.

“He felt that tap on the shoulder,” said Krista Ross, from Be The Match. “He felt the players could give back and make a difference.”

That year, Talley registered about 200 students.

In 2008, Villanova University officially partnered up with Be the Match.

Read more about Jake Reichwein and his bone marrow donation at 6abc.

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