As Birds Head to Superbowl, This Wayne Resident Upcycles Eagles Merch for Women  

Isabella Dahrouch in her Wayne studio.
Image via Monica Herndon, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Isabella Dahrouch in her Wayne studio.

Between classes, an internship, and running a small business, Wayne’s Isabella Dahrouch has a lot on her plate. With the Birds heading to the Super Bowl, the demand for her “hot girl” Eagles apparel could skyrocket, writes Beatrice Forman for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Dahrouch is one of many “upcyclers” who take vintage sports goods and give them a modern and alternative flair.  

Merchandise could include oversize denim jackets with patches, white crew necks tie-dyed Kelly green, and distressed crop Ts that display past Eagles logos.

She started 215 Upcycled in 2019 in her college apartment by bleaching T-shirts that she thrifted. The Temple marketing student is now running the DIY shop from her parent’s garage. The target demographic is women sports fans, who have long withstood pro shop gear that was unflattering.  

“[Companies] just say, ‘Oh we’ll make it tight.’ Meanwhile, most girls are just looking for fun, creative pieces they can express themselves with,” said Dahrouch.  

However, while Dahrouch is running a business, she also knows when it’s time to take a break.  

“My business is based on slow fashion, so I’m trying not to turn myself into a one-woman sweatshop trying to churn things out quickly,” she said.  

Read more about 215 Upcycled in The Philadelphia Inquirer.  

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