From Lawyer to Boutique Owner, Swarthmore Woman’s at Home in Arizona


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Image via Sun City Independent.
Women in a recent fashion show display Kym Stutzman’s clothing.

Kym Stutzman hails from Swarthmore but the former family lawyer has found success in Surprise, Arizona with her own women’s boutique, reports the Sun City Independent.

Just Be Youtiful helps people “realize that they are beautiful inside and out.”

Stutzman was born and raised in Swarthmore but moved to Arizona in 2010.  She has been a family law attorney, an arbitration judge, a professor and a director of management services.

Today, she is a business owner in the suburban West Valley. The boutique resulted from a prophecy given to her husband, Rich Stutzman, and a leap of faith in 2021.

Stutzman, in her third term as commissioner in Surprise, likes the “wave to your neighbor” atmosphere.

 “In my little haven of Just Be Youtiful, I can play worship music, pray for visitors’ needs and watch the glorious sunsets from my wall of west-facing windows in my stone front corner location and provide a serene place to escape the chaos of life,” she says.

Her boutique features clothing and jewelry from around the world, highlighted with local artwork.

The store features single pieces or limited runs and carries a line of clothing it designs and produces.

Read more at Sun City Independent about former Swarthmorian Kym Stutzman.

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