Five Remote Jobs that Pay Over $100K

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Remote work is in high demand due to a flexible work environment and a more balanced lifestyle. You can save the cost of commuting or take-outs when you work remotely. But there’s also another perk, some remote positions are offering six figures. Here are five remote jobs over 100K or more, according to the website Flex Jobs.  

Art Director 

Salary Range: $66-$100K 

Art directors are responsible for the visual direction of the publication or product. Employers usually prefer a Bachelor’s degree in Art. 

Business Development Manager 

Salary Range: $44K-$122K  

A person in this position would have great sales skills. Managers are responsible for developing business plans, managing accounts, connecting with and building new clients.  

Medical Writer 

Salary Range: $53K-$103K  

This position requires strong technical writing skills and knowledge of medical terminology. Medical writers are responsible for breaking down data and research from scientific studies and presenting them in a clearer, digestible manner.  


Salary Range: $54K-$121K  

PhDs, PsyDs, or EdDs are usually required to be a psychologist. This position is responsible for treating and diagnosing mental health conditions.  

Product manager 

Salary Range $54K-$121K  

An ideal candidate would be able to strategize developing products and defining is features. They also have to follow market conditions.  

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FlexJobs lists remote positions that pay $100K or more.

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