Kindness Put Mike Kovtonuk of Ridley at Eagles-Giant Game


Michael Kovtonuk,a 12-year-old from Ridley Park was in the stands Saturday for the Eagles-Giants playoff game because of an act of kindness, reports Fox 29 News.

Kovtonuk happened to see a woman drop her keys while he was walking home with two others from school during a recent rainstorm.

“I kind of felt bad because it was raining and stuff, and I went to pick them up for her,” Michael said.

The owner of the keys, Keena Ciavarelli, wrote on Facebook that she has a medical condition affecting her legs and had just gotten an injection so walking or bending over felt horrible.

“You are raising an amazingly well-mannered and helpful respectful young man!” she wrote on Facebook to his parents.

Mike McIntyre, owner of Pro Action Restoration read Ciavarelli’s post and decided to reward Kovtonuk, surprising him at Ridley Middle School with two tickets to the game, a chauffeured ride for him and his father to the Linc and a Jalen Hurts jersey.

“A lot of times you see these pages of the stuff you see is mostly negative, unfortunately,” McIntyre said. “I just thought it was a good positive story.”

Read more Michael Kovtonuk at Fox 29 News.

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