Villanova Law School Divorce Attorney Brings Real-Life Stories to First Novel

Nancy Perpall stands by a pool
Image via the Observer
Nancy Perpall

Nancy Perpall, who used to be a critical care nurse, then a divorce lawyer, is now an author with her first novel, “Around Which All Things Bend,” writes Jay Heater for the Observer.

She recalls her time transitioning from nurse to attorney when she would commute for three years driving between Allentown and Villanova to attend Villanova University law school.

Her fiction novel is fueled by her attorney dealings with divorce couples. She’s hoping the stories will help her readers, either before they start a relationship or before they get out of one.

“I spent 32 years taking apart relationships,” she said. “They called me the Dragon Lady. I thought I would spend my retirement preventing that. People need to ask hard questions before they get married.”

The novel is about a veteran who owns a ranch in Montana. His grandfather was fabulously wealthy from discovering gold and silver.

A woman comes along and the story explores, through twists and turns, what her relationship with the veteran means to the dynasty of the grandfather.

Perpall is satisfied with her first effort, though she admits she can do better.

Still, that’s not keeping her from a second novel and more down the road.

Read more about Nancy Perpall at Observer.

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