Falcon Treated for Injury in Wayne After Nesting for 10 Years in Downtown Harrisburg, has Died

A falcon nesting in downtown Harrisburg in flight
Image via @ Falcon Chatter

A falcon nesting in downtown Harrisburg for more than a decade, recently treated for a dislocated shoulder at Radnor Veterinary Hospital in Wayne, has died, writes Amy Marchiano for the Republican & Herald in Pottsville, as reported in yahoo.com.

The 13-year-old female peregrine falcon was treated by Dr. Len Donato after it got into a scuffle with turkey vultures at the nest site at the Rachel Carson State Office Building in downtown Harrisburg.

It was recuperating at Red Creek Wildlife Center.

It was picked up back in May for treatment by Peggy Hentz, founder of the Red Creek Wildlife Center, and volunteers with the rescue group Falcon Watch after it was seen trying to glide to the Carson building.

“She was flying, but not with the strength she needed yet,” Hentz said.

Bert Myers, environmental education specialist program supervisor with the state Department of Environmental Protection described the falcon as a “remarkable bird.”

“She was fierce; she also was an outstanding mother,” he said.

She had laid 41 eggs, of which 37 hatched. Thirty-five fledglings left the nest, and two died.

The falcon’s nesting site was viewed on the DEP website from around the nation and the world.

Read more about this popular falcon at yahoo.com.

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