Yeadon Filmmaker Uses Drone to Capture Stunning Views of County in ‘Straight Outta Delco’

Screen shot courtesy of Johnathan Kolleh.

The beauty of Delaware County is in its diversity, which Yeadon filmmaker Johnathan Kolleh captured from an aerial perspective in his new film, Straight Outta Delco.

Kolleh employed a drone to film landmarks like Villanova University, the Commodore Barry Bridge, the 69th Street corridor, and more, according to a PhillyVoice report by John Kopp.

“I just love Delco, and wanted to show Delco from a cinematic aspect,” Kolleh said. “As (I) started to get more locations, I noticed that some areas were more sentimental than others. I ran into a few Delco natives during the shoot, and they shared stories about what the places meant to them. I gave those places more focus.”

Read more about Straight Outta Delco from PhillyVoice here.

Editor’s Note: This post first appeared Feb. 21, 2017.

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