Crozer Working With Communities to Reinstate Paramedic Service

Paramedics take a stretcher out of an ambulance
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Brookhaven and Aston have worked out tentative agreements with Crozer Health that an advanced life-support paramedic service will continue to serve residents, writes Pete Bannan for the Daily Times.

The service will be provided indefinitely at no additional cost.

The agreement was reached after meetings with Crozer Health President and CEO Anthony Esposito, Jr.

Six months ago, a previous Crozer Health president, Kevin M. Spiegel, sent a letter to at least seven county municipalities giving them 10 days to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the service or have it discontinued in 90 days.

Officials in Brookhaven  Aston, Glenolden, Prospect Park, Tinicum, Norwood, and Ridley Park received letters.

Crozer made the move because it was losing $336,000 annually to provide advanced life-support paramedics.

A month ago, Crozer indicated it wanted to “mend relationships”.

Brookhaven Borough Council President Terry Heller believes that Esposito wants to restore the “great reputation that the health system once had.”

In comments Tuesday, Esposito said he continues to meet with local municipalities “to continue this much-needed service and hopes to continue working with them as well.”

“We recognize the vital role we play in supporting our local municipalities that provide emergency services to their residents.

Read more about restored Crozer paramedic services at the Daily Times.

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