Admirers Send Retiring Paramedic Larry Worrilow Off in Style


After 44 years as a Crozer Health paramedic, Larry Worrilow of Brookhaven is retiring, reports Ashley Johnson for

He shared a last shift with friends that included hugs, pictures and reminiscing.  There was the final radio call and clap out ceremony, and then it was over, except for a loud parade.

“He’s a proud guy and he doesn’t like all the attention but we’re giving it to him anyway,” said EMS Chief Bruce Egan.

Worrilow was driven home with sirens blasting and lights shining.

Public service is part of Worrilow’s family, said his brother, Tom, a retired Chester police officer.

“Our family, both on the Worrilow and Owens side, have been involved in public service — fire, police and emergency service — in the city of Chester and surrounding area for about 150 years,” said Tom.

Worrilow has advanced in his paramedic career , including serving as deputy chief. Along the way, he’s saved lives and mentored other EMTs.

“It’s got to be hundreds of guys he’s saved, impacted. I mean everybody who has walked through the door has had a positive experience at one time or another with him,” said Assistant EMS Chief Rich Micum.

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