Some County Election Officials’ Opinion of Updated Pa. Voter Registration Form: Thumbs Down

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Voters may find an online sign-up for mail-in ballots in Pa. convenient, but county election officials are not pleased with its implementation.

Pennsylvania has updated its voter registration form to allow voters to also sign up for mail-in ballots. But the simple change is not sitting well with many county elections officials. Jonathan Lai reported on the push-back for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The new form, titled Pennsylvania Voter Registration Application & Mail-in Ballot Request, went live over the weekend. It now has a checkbox on the back to receive mail ballots and select a mailing address.

“The goal is really to simplify the process so voters don’t have to fill out two forms,” said Jonathan Marks, a top official at the Pennsylvania Department of State.

However, the way the change to the form was handled has upset numerous elections officials. They say it came out of nowhere and revealed a continued lack of respect for the county officials who are in charge of running elections.

They also raised a number of issues, including voter confusion and new administrative challenges, as well as more openings for litigation.

“We believe this proposed form, as-is, would give fuel to individuals and groups who continue to question the integrity of our elections,” said Bucks County elections director Tom Freitag.

Read more about the change in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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