Ridley Park Natives Take Fresh Look at Menendez Brothers on Investigation Discovery

Ridley Park natives Kevin Taddei, left, and Steve McLaughlin
Image via submitted photo to the Daily Times.
Ridley Park natives Kevin Taddei, left, and Steve McLaughlin

Two Ridley Park natives are taking a fresh look at the Menendez brothers murder case in their new show, “Menendez Brothers Misjudges?” airing Sunday, Aug. 7, 9 p.m., on Discovery, writes Peg DeGrassa for the Daily Times.

The show is part of Discovery’s “Shocking Crimes of the 90s“ series.

Steve McLaughlin is a Ridley High School alum Class of 1996. He is the executive producer for this first episode of the series. Kevin Taddei, is a Ridley High Class of 2010 alum. He was video editor for the first and other episodes of the series.

The Menendez trial was aired in real time 30 years ago on Court TV.  The media narrative was that the two Beverly Hills boys killed their parents out of greed.

But now a new generation reviewing the case has uncovered new details of horrific abuse at the hands of their patents and the media.

McLaughlin was an executive vice president for 10 years at Optimum.  He now owns his own TV production company in Manhattan.

Kevin Taddei worked at Optimum as a senior video editor.

Both worked on a number of productions for Discovery, National Geographic, ID, A&E and others.

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Here’s a preview of Sunday’s show on Discovery.