Charlie Health Founder’s on Call 24/7, but She’s OK With That

A woman therapist talks with a teenage girl.
Image via Charlie Health.

Charlie Health was created by Haverford native Carter Barnhart to offer therapy to at-risk youth, she writes for Entrepreneur.

The job means mixing her work and her life—she gets calls at breakfast, at the movies, on Saturday nights, but the tradeoff is worth it.

“To say the work is rewarding is an understatement, since we’re saving lives,” she says.

Charlie Health is an intensive virtual therapy program for teens and young adults that launched in mid-2020, just as rates of depression and anxiety among youth skyrocketed.

It is a first and last resource for families.

Barnhardt knows how vital that resource is. When she was 14 she was sexually assaulted and for two years struggled with PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Therapists, doctors, psychiatrists and even Reiki healers couldn’t help her.

Then she found a residential treatment center for girls with sexual trauma, Newport Academy, and she started healing.

Barnhardt worked at Newport for 11 years before deciding she wanted to help the most at-risk kids left behind by the healthcare system, and Charlie Health was born.

Today, they have 300 employees and have treated thousands of patients in behavioral health “deserts.”

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