Healthy Living in Delaware County: Simplicity, Balance, and Mindfulness

Alia Sobel works out at Orange Theory, part of her healthy living regiment.
Image via Alia Sobel.
Alia Sobel works out at Orange Theory, part of her healthy living regiment.

Delaware County resident Alia Sobel, creator of the local wellness brand Two Word Story, uses meditation, journaling, and Orange Theory to stay focused, writes Gina Tomaine for

She comes from Chicago but has lived in Delaware County for more than 10 years.

She’s a mother, yoga instructor, entrepreneur, at mentor, creator of Two Word Story.

She practices Reiki at Indigo Healing Arts in Swarthmore.

Healthy living, balance, simplicity and mindfulness are primary considerations in her life.

“Through that, I have learned the true power of taking care of myself every single day.”

The start of a typical week means beginning a hydrating regiment, supplements, working on the days’ schedule, making journal entries, breakfast, yoga and meditation.

There’s also Orange Therapy, office work, hopping on Zoom or social media, and music in the background.

There’s always time for the kids.

There’s pool time, free time with the family, workouts, dancing and singing.

 Dinner is a chicken breast with a side salad. There’s nighttime housework.

Maybe a neighborhood or sunset walk or run, napping, a little TV and wine, prayers or meditation at bedtime with a shared reflection on high and low points of the day.

Read more at Philadelphia Magazine about Alia Sobel.

Check out Alia Sobel talking about the Two Word Story approach in a July 2020 video from This Is It TV.

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