See Which Delaware County College Ranks for Top Tech Talent in US

An aerial view of the Swarthmore College campus.
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A Delaware County college has made a top 10 list for producing the best coders in the nation, writes Isabel Tehan for Philadelphia Business Journal.

The report from CodeSignal, a coding assessment software company, ranked Swarthmore College at No. 10.

CodeSignal analyzed what percentage of students scored over 800 out of a maximum score of 850 in an analysis of the General Coding Framework, or GCF.

GCF measures fundamentals in programming and computer science.

A score of 800 or higher means the “test taker has excellent algorithmic and problem-solving skills and can develop large, complex applications,” according to CodeSignal.

At Swarthmore, 21.82% of student coders had a score of 800 or better.

This is the first time Swarthmore College has made the top 10 list.

That may be due to Swarthmore’s ongoing focus on computer science programs, said Andrew Danner, associate professor and department chair of the college’s computer science program.

The computer science department has “grown tremendously over the last decade,” said Danner.

In 2006, when Danner joined the Swarthmore faculty, there were about a dozen computer science majors at any given time. Today, there are between 70 and 80, more than a 600% increase.

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