How to Spend $69M in Unallocated Rescue Plan Funds

American Rescue Plan paperwork
Image via iStock.

Delaware County is sitting on $69 million in unspent and unallocated American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, writes Pete Bannan for the Daily Times.

Public organizations gave presentations to Delaware County Council recently about how they would use the money.

Requests received included:

  • a $2 million grant to fund a day program supporting up to 200 residents with intellectual disabilities who live at home.
  • $10 million for a Silvercare Campus project in Chester
  • $2 million to renovate two emergency shelters
  • $700,000 for an independent living project in Chester for people with physical and intellectual disabilities
  • $608,000 to build four new homes in Lansdowne under Habitat for Humanity and unspecified funds for a home repair program
  • $2 million for a program fostering and mentoring former convicts and former drug-addicted residents
  • Seed money for the America 250 celebration
  • Money for a public works project involving bridges in Upland for flood control

There was also discussion from council and county officials to use $10 million toward the 2023 budget to make up for lost revenue and to bank the ARPA funds to accrue interest for other county projects.

ARPA money must be spent by the end of 2026.

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