Ridley Creek’s Colonial Plantation: For the Shear Fun of It


Ridley Creek State Park is known for its hiking trails and picnic areas, but it’s also host to a lesser-known historical treasure, the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation, reports the 6abc digital staff and Dan Sheridan.

The living history farm in Newtown Square shows visitors what life was like on a 1700s farm. 

“We’re a historic site that’s in the middle of a very quiet place,” said Chuck Barr, Board President of Colonial Plantation.

Not only are there artifacts from the past, but the farm preserves skills as well.

“We want people to see those steps. We want people to connect with how it was done, how it was used,” said Eva Mergen, Historic Skills Coordinator at Colonial Plantation.

Now’s a good time to visit because the coming of spring means it’s time for the annual shearing of the sheep.

“We bred them to hold onto it and so now it’s our responsibility to shear it off,” Mergen said.

Shearing doesn’t hurt and it’s good for the sheep to prevent skin problems and overheating.

The gathered wool is used in the plantation’s education programs for the kids learning about 18th-century life.

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