Ukrainian Bakery Owners in Ridley Park, Featured in DELCO.Today, Taking Donations


Ukrainian Illya Zayarchenko and his wife, owners of Ardour Bakery + Coffee in Ridley Park, featured Feb. 8 in DELCO.Today, are now rallying around their home country and collecting donations to take to the war zone, writes Kerri Corrado for CBS 3.

“This is our ministry,” Illya Zayarchenko said.

Sometime in the next several days, he will head to Ukraine to work as a translator along the border with Hungary.  He also hopes to help friends and family who are suffering.

He plans to personally hand donations off at refugee camps in western Ukraine for people leaving the hardest-hit parts of the country.   

The refugees are receiving humanitarian help from Europe, like clothing and food, but what they most need are tourniquets, bulletproof vests, money and emotional help, he said.

“They are actually dealing with this psychological problem because it’s hard to talk to people who just ran away from shootings and bombings,” Zayarchenko said.

Zayarchenko is baking cupcakes and collecting money in a donation box.

He said his fellow Ukrainians are grateful to the United States for its prayers.

“People in the field out there, they feel it every day, every night,” Zayarchenko said.

Read more at CBS 3 about Zayarchenko’s fundraising effort to help Ukraine.  

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