Jennifer Aniston Works on Commercial for Radnor Pharmaceutical Idorsia

Jennifer Aniston
Image via Idorsia.
Jennifer Aniston

Actress Jennifer Aniston talks about her struggles with insomnia in a commercial for Swiss pharmaceutical company Idorsia, writes John George for Philadelphia Business Journal.

Idorsia has its U.S. operations in Radnor.

The television and online commercials start Monday and run a week after Idorsia received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to market an insomnia treatment Quiviviq.

Insomnia affects an estimated 25 million Americans.

The commercial is part of a “Seize the Night & Day campaign from Idorsia to “inspire Americans to understand their relationship with sleep.”

Aniston will reveal how she had made sleep a priority to improve her days and nights.

Quiviviq is not specifically mentioned in the ads.

“In working with Idorsia, I hope that we can all start prioritizing sleep health and have different conversations around trouble sleeping,” Aniston says in the ad.

The campaign directs people to online educational resources and a community forum concerning insomnia.

“We share a unified vision of helping others understand how insomnia’s dual impact affects both nights and days and the importance of quality sleep,” said Patricia Torr, president and general manager of Idorsia US in Radnor.

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