Top 5 Reasons to Like the Clocks Being Turned Back

Clock on a table.

While a lot of people do not relish the thought of moving their clocks an hour back, daylight saving time comes with several advantages everyone can enjoy, writes Anthony R. Wood for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Most importantly, the day the clocks are turned back is the longest day of the year, as it lasts for 25 hours. Since this occurs on a Sunday, most people get to enjoy a longer day off.

The clock rollback also brings dawn an hour sooner, making it easier for those who have to be at work early to navigate their morning.

And while darkness comes much sooner in the evenings, the change is good for our inner clocks and sleep patterns. However, some sleep specialists believe the springtime change causes our bodies to suffer social jet lag often including insomnia and fatigue.

Meanwhile, the clock rollback reduces the amount of daily sunlight we lose each day. In October, it was as much as 2 minutes and 38 seconds, now it is down to just over two minutes.

Finally, as the leaves fall, more sunlight will be filtering through as the trees start displaying their gorgeous architecture.

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