Crozer Health Partners with ThirdEye on Mixed Reality Glasses for First Responders

A Crozer Health paramedic with the X2 MR Glasses.
Image via ThirdEye Gen.
A Crozer Health paramedic with the X2 MR Glasses.

Crozer Health has formed a partnership with ThirdEye Gen out of Princeton, N.J. to use mixed reality software and X2 MR Smart Glasses so that doctors and first responders can treat patients immediately anywhere in the world, states a ThirdEye Gen release.

This will be the first time mixed reality technology will be used in healthcare, the release states.

ThirdEye worked with Crozer Health paramedics and doctors to introduce the software and glasses.

They were first used in a 2020 pilot program with Marcus Hook and Trainer Fire Departments.

The glasses allow first responders to remain hands-free while relaying video, audio, and body temperature information from a patient’s location to a hospital.

The system gives doctors immediate remote access to patients and first responders can receive treatment instructions before transporting.

“We see great potential and value in introducing ThirdEye’s augmented reality healthcare solutions to our emergency response teams with the goal of improving the overall health and safety of our communities,” said Peter J. Adamo, Chief Executive Officer at Crozer Health.

Both the glasses and the RespondEye platform are HIPPAA certified to ensure patient data is securely accessed by medics.

Read more at ThirdEye Gen about this new technology for first responders.

ThirdEye offers a promotional video highlighting the environmental benefits of its augmented reality technology.