Villanova Senior Publishes ‘Voter Z’ a Book Exploring the Politics of Generation Z

Jennifer Lambert holds a poster of her book cover for "Voter Z."
Image via Jennifer Lambert.
Jennifer Lambert holds a poster of her book cover for "Voter Z."

Villanova University Senior Jennifer Lambert has taken the political pulse of Generation Z and put her findings in a book, writes Chelsea Le for The Villanovan.

The political science major discovered a generation of voters that feel hopeful they can make this country a better place.

“Voter Z” explores the political identities of Generation Z-ers, how they engage in American politics; and how historical events from the Iraq War to COVID-19 have shaped their politics.

The book features interviews with young voters, activists, and leaders around the country. It looks at the Gen Z identity by race, gender, sexuality, social media presence, political socialization, and partisan loyalties.

“Writing a book has always been on my bucket list,” Lambert said. “I just did not think it would happen when I was 20 years old.”

“I have always loved to write, so I started to combine that with my interest in politics,” Lambert, who also minors in Communications and Public Administration, said.

It also explores how social media increased youth mobilization and youth activism.

She thinks of the book as a time capsule capturing the unique historical and political moment that was 2020 through early 2021.

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