Havertown Women’s Reaction at Eagles Game Goes Viral

Mary Kate Mink takes a selfie with Eagles superfan Jamie Pagliei .
Image via Mary Kate Mink.
Mary Kate Mink takes a selfie with Eagles superfan Jamie Pagliei.

Mary Kate Mink of Havertown was a victim of bad timing. Or maybe not.

On Sunday, Fox’s cameras caught Mink using a few choice words to describe how she felt about a referee penalty call at the Eagles game with the New Orleans Saints, writes Rob Tornoe for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“I think she disagreed with the call,” Fox announcer Mark Schlereth said during the broadcast.

The captured moment has gone viral.

Mink is an Archbishop Prendergast High School graduate and a devoted Eagles season-ticket-holder.

She knew something was up almost immediately.

“All of the sudden my phone was vibrating, and my husband goes, ‘I have 85 text messages,’” Mink said. “Everyone was like, ‘MK, you’re trending on Twitter and this and that.”

94.1 WIP host Rob Ellis dubbed Mink “Mare of Havertown” after she called into the Eagles postgame show.

Mink’s taking her instant celebrity in stride, savoring the Eagles‘ 40-29 win from Sunday’s game.

“It was just a good day, being at the game with my boys and my husband,” Mink said. “You don’t get many good days. You hear a lot of bad news lately, and this was a good day.”

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