Mail Carrier Al Campanile Gets Beautiful Send-Off From Appreciative Residents

Al Campanile surrounded by family, friends and supporters
Image via Steven M. Falk, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Retiring mail carrier Al Campanile is surrounded by appreciate customers, friends and family.

Al Campanile is retiring as a mail carrier after 37 years and the Lansdowne community he serves wants to know how much it appreciates him, writes Ellie Rushing for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

In a time of post office upheaval, Campanile is described by people on his 10-year route as “professional,” “consistent” and “kind.”

The neighbors had 200 bright yellow signs on their lawns with “Thank you Al” typed in blue.

At his final Greenwood Avenue stop, 100 residents surprised him with thank-you speeches, balloons, and gifts.

“When Al is there, everything happens. Your mail gets there, it doesn’t get lost, and it doesn’t get put in the wrong mailbox,” said Virginia Maroun, amidst a cheering crowd.

Campanile is a tall, cheerful Ridley Park resident approaching 60. He has coped with colitis and Crohn’s disease, painful surgeries, and having to use a colostomy bag for the past 15 years, yet he always greets residents with a smile.

Now they waited in line to shake this local celebrity’s hand and take a picture.

“This is surprising, I didn’t expect this,” he said. He thanked the group, which included his wife, Terry, daughter Kelly and son Jim.

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