We Know Orlando’s Popular. Where Else Are We Flying To Out of Philly?

American Airlines airplanes parked at the Philadelphia International Airport.
Image via philadelphia.cbslocal.com.

So when we finally decide to step on an airplane and fly out of Philadelphia International Airport, where the heck are we going to in the U.S.?

Of course, Orlando, Florida, was No. 1, but what about the popular destinations after that?

Between July of 2019 and June of 2020, these are the 10 most common popular destinations out of Philly Airport, writes Ben Sittstein for slacker.com.

1. Orlando tops out at number one, with 615,790 passengers.

2. Atlanta, Georgia came in second, with 328,890 passengers.

3. Boston, Mass. was third, with 317,090 passengers.

4. Los Angeles made the top 5, with 292,960 passengers.

5. Florida was back in the running at No. 5, with 288,920 passengers heading to Fort Lauderdale.

6. The windy city, Chicago, was a popular choice, with 269,500 passengers in the No. 6 spot.

7. Florida, again in the top 10, with 251,970 passengers traveling to Tampa.

8. The Rocky Mountains are the lure at No. 8 with 241,920 passengers heading to Denver, Colorado.

9. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas was the ninth most popular destination, with 240,300 passengers.

10. And finally, Florida again rounds out the list, with 203,570 passengers booking a flight to Miami.

You can see stacker’s entire list of 30 destinations here.

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