Philadelphia Airport Ranks Up There for Cheap International Flights

An airplane lifting off from the Philadelphia Airport, one of the cheapest airports for international travel.
Image via Philadelphia Airport Facebook page.

The Philadelphia International Airport made a top 10 list of cheapest airports for international flights, topped only by JFK and Newark Liberty airports, writes Hannah Kanik for

Scott’s Cheap Flights, a website that looks for discounts on international flights, created a list of the top 10 best and worst airports for international travel.

PHL ranked ninth in overall affordability after Cheap Flights found 150 deals over the past year.

It averaged $473 round trip for international flights.

“PHL’s airline partners offer access to a variety of international and domestic destinations at fares that fit a range of budgets,” said Kate Sullivan, Deputy Director of Strategic Partnerships.

JFK and Newark were the top two cheapest airports for international flights nationwide.

Newark airport took second place for affordability with 208 deals.

JFK International Airport was No. 1, with 239 deals.

Scott’s Cheap Flights looked at 168 airports.

Scott’s Cheap Flights excluded budget airlines like Spirit or Frontier, or deals with inconvenient layovers or “illogical routing.”

Rankings are based on the Scotts Cheap Flights deals offered each week on its website and which airport those deals come from.

International flights out of the US are slowly coming back. Philadelphia put back 14 of its international flights in May.

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