1 Delaware County Town Made Philly List of Fastest Rising Home Prices

The entrance to Concord Square Park in Aston.
Image via astontownship.net.

Aston was 8th on a list of 15 communities in the Philadelphia metro area with the fast rising home prices, reports stacker.com.

Aston saw a 28 percent increase in rising home prices over one year. It saw a 50.3 percent rise in home prices over five years.

A typical home in Aston Township is valued at $338,534.

Aston also ranked as the 100th most expensive city in the Philadelphia metro area, according to stacker.

The community with the highest rise in home prices on the list was Penns Grove, NJ. It saw a 34 percent increase in home prices over one year and a 5.7 percent increase over five years. 

Stacker compiled a list of cities with the fastest growing home prices in Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, NJ using data from Zillow. Cities are ranked by the change in Zillow Home Values Index for all homes and apartments over the last year as of July 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic strained the economy but triggered a real estate boom, driven largely by people buying second homes as vacation properties.

Real estate values are driven by supply and demand, usually aligned with a community’s economy, job market, population, demographics, location and other factors like interest rates.

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