Meet the Real Mare Sheehan. She’s in Delco, Plays B-Ball, Loves Wawa

The real Mare Sheehan in her St. Joseph's Hawks women's basketball uniform.
Image via Sideline Photos, LLC/SJU Athletics.
The real Mare Sheehan.

 There’s a real Mare Sheehan. She lives in Delaware County. She’s captain of the St. Joseph’s Hawks women’s basketball team, and she loves Wawa, writes Stephanie Farr for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

HBO’s Mare Sheehan, played by Kate Winslet on “Mare of Easttown,” is from Delaware County. She was a star basketball player and was nicknamed, “Miss Lady Hawk.”

There are differences. The real Mare is not a mom, not a detective, doesn’t vape, and she doesn’t put Cheez whiz on cheeseballs.

Still, the show’s creator, Brad Ingeslby, did draw on his Delaware County experiences.

The real Mare is 22, a St. Joseph’s graduate student who plays guard for the Hawks.

 “It was crazy,” Sheehan said. “I was like wait, hold on, now we got my name, my town, my sport, and my mascot? This is too much! It’s one too many coincidences.”

Sheehan, who grew up in Drexel Hill, and attended Cardinal O’Hara High, said people have called her Mare since she was a child.

Sheehan actually loved the show’s local references and the “phenomenal” acting and writing, though she couldn’t get used to hearing her name on screen.

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