Tech Tips With Margaret: New Zoom Events Platform Will Offer Customization and Flexibility for Virtual Events and Conferences


Zoom has proved itself as offering one of the most valuable toolsets for managing remote interactions during the pandemic. However, even as restrictions are scaled back, many of the advantages that have been found from being virtual are expected to continue.

In fact, Zoom recently did a worldwide survey and found that for respondents in the United States, 80% expect everything to continue to have a virtual component even after the pandemic.

That is why this summer Zoom is launching Zoom Events, a new tool that combines the functionality of Zoom Meetings, Chat, and Video Webinars for event planning.

The platform can be used by businesses that want to hold corporate events like conferences, or it can be used for more personalized events like instructing a fitness class or teaching a hobby.

This new tool will allow you to create a private or public event, build a shareable event page, and customize the event to be a one time thing or a regular occurrence.

You can choose to make the event free or paid admission, and the page will track everything from the number of registrants and attendees, to total revenue brought in.

“We know that people are looking for flexibility in how they attend events in the future,” said the chief product officer at Zoom, Oded Gal. “The hybrid model is here to stay, and Zoom Events is a perfect solution for our customers who are looking to produce and host customer, company, and public events with an easy, yet powerful solution.”

Zoom Events will be debuting some time this summer, so be sure to keep an eye out for when this new tool is ready to use by checking out the official page here.

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