Tech Tips With Margaret: Injecting Fun and Personality into Your Next Executive Zoom Meeting

Now that Zoom meetings have been the norm for workers for so many months, the biggest hurdle might just be how do you continue to keep people engaged?

For many, the last year with the pandemic has turned video conference services like Zoom from conveniences into workplace necessities. It hasn’t been an easy transition having to navigate challenges like video chat etiquette.

However, now that Zoom meetings have been the norm for workers for so many months, the biggest hurdle might just be how do you continue to keep people engaged?

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Doing things virtually can be lonely, but the reality is many workplaces are going to need to continue with virtual meetings at least for most of 2021 for employee safety.

That doesn’t mean your meetings all have to feel the same, though. There’s a lot you can do even from home to make your virtual time more personable.

Change Your Location (Virtually)

For starters, changing your background can be a simple way to show some personality if you’re interacting with the same people frequently. Imagine how dull it would be if a person you knew face to face wanted to always talk to you in the same exact spot.

Change up your scenery with Zoom’s fun backgrounds so people can see something besides the kitchen table you’re using as an office.

Meet the Family

We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of professionals having their video chats from home interrupted by an oblivious pet or toddler. In many cases the employee just makes things more awkward by trying not to acknowledge what’s happening.

We all know we’re working from home, which means our families will be around. Be understanding and encourage people to let their kid or dog say hi. Being professional shouldn’t mean pretending people you care about don’t exist.

Loosen Up the Dress Code

In a normal office you might see casual Fridays, office Halloween parties, or festive attire for Christmas. Just because many of us are home now doesn’t mean these chances to show our fun sides have to go away. Happy people are motivated people, so give the team a reason to smile with some opportunities to show off more of their wardrobe.

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Ice Breakers

It’s especially challenging bringing someone new onto a team right now since they don’t know what your workplace dynamic was like pre-COVID. Normally offices might do things like scavenger hunts in the city, or a lunch at a restaurant to give everyone a chance to mingle without tension.

Obviously, that’s not feasible currently, but you still have options. Some people have started doing scavenger hunts from home, telling everyone an item to find and seeing who can grab it in their home the quickest. There’re even virtual escape rooms nowadays. Get creative to give everyone a chance to let their guard down and get to know each other better.

While some might enjoy working from home, it’s important to remember many others might find it isolating, causing them to feel less motivated.

For the time being it’s not safe to bring everyone back together, but there’s still a lot you can do to build camaraderie virtually. The value of building bonds between team members and keeping everyone in good spirits isn’t something you can afford to overlook.


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