Tech Tips With Margaret: After the Pandemic How Will Offices Be Changing to Accommodate Hybrid Work?

Post pandemic Office Design

Pandemic life has been tumultuous, but has also been an interesting experiment for the workforce to see just how many careers can actually be performed remotely. With that newfound knowledge, it’s expected even after the pandemic that many positions will remain remote for the sake of convenience.

Which leaves people wondering, what will become of office spaces?

Per Jeff Link of Built In, analysts don’t expect offices to become obsolete, merely less mandatory.

Some employees will inevitably still want to be in an office to work, perhaps because their home is too hectic for them to focus in.

This supports the theory that Link has, that offices will become more like libraries—a quiet space to come in, have access to information, and work on a project.

Some companies may even prefer to keep their employees partially remote, as that could cut down on the need for large office buildings.

It’s expected the modern office may indeed be smaller and contain fewer desks. Instead, it’s anticipated offices will have more meeting rooms, or individualized spaces such as soundproof phone booths to conduct business calls.

While some might be hesitant to embrace such a change, experts say this is a positive transition. The modern office is often congested and noisy, forcing employees to be adjacent to disruptive conversations that are not relevant to their particular duties.

Such an environment makes it difficult to concentrate and easy to become distracted. By scaling back the modern office, it’s expected we’ll see a remedy to the problem of trying to pack too many people into a single space.

If these predictions about workplaces are true, office buildings will become more efficient.

Rather than a place you’re forced to be at every day for every menial task, you’ll instead have a resource you can turn to as needed.

If your office has better Wi-Fi, you’d certainly be able to use it every day if need be. But if you just need a quiet place to work for the day, the office can be that as well. It’s ultimately about giving employees more options for how they work best.

To learn more about what the potential future of office spaces may look like, read the article from Built In by clicking here.


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