County Adds Springfield Hospital as Its 5th Location for Giving COVID-19 Vaccines

David Bjorkgren
Image via Pete Bannan, MediaNews Group.

Springfield Hospital will be offering the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to residents, writes Kathleen E. Carey for the Daily Times.

That makes five county-run destinations where vaccines are being distributed. Others are the Wellness Center in Yeadon, the Aston Community Center; the Keystone First Wellness Clinic in Chester; and a partnership with Penn Medicine in Radnor. The Moderna vaccine is being given at the Yeadon, Aston and Chester sites.

Pharmacies and other healthcare providers also offer vaccine appointments.  

Click here to see a list of vaccination sites.

Delaware County Council unanimously approved an agreement up to six months with Prospect CCMC LLC to offer the Pfizer vaccine at Springfield Hospital.

Prospect will provide the medical personnel and the bulk of the vaccine. Delaware County will offer support staff and other supplies.

“My understanding is the reason for this particular facility being so important is that we can utilize it for providing the Pfizer vaccine,” county Councilman Kevin Madden said, adding, “There may be more availability with Pfizer than there is with Moderna right now or J&J.”

The hospital’s location is also central in the county, with public transit access and parking.

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