Amidst COVID-19 Vaccine Shortages, a Lucky Few Will Get That Unexpected Call

David Bjorkgren

Vaccine appointments cancelled. Long waiting lists. Confusion. Getting vaccinated in Pennsylvania is not easy these days.

But dozens of Delaware County residents received a lucky call recently and got their COVID-19 vacciantion, reported Chris O’Connell for

Bob Solms was one of them.  He was told to report to Crozer-Chester Medical Center because they had extra doses available.

“I just started jumping around, I was happy. It’s like my wife gave birth! I felt great! It’s not quite the same thing. But, it’s an exhilaration,” Solms explained.

About 700 patients a day come through Crozer’s vaccine clinic.  The earliest vaccine appointment available there is July.

But, when there are extra doses, or a no-show, calls go out to some of the 10,000 patients on a waiting list.

“They feel like it’s their lucky day. They are crying. They are overjoyed,” stated Kelly Gardner, with Crozer-Chester.

Medical experts remain hopeful despite the shortages and urge everyone to keep up efforts to get an appointment.

“We’ve got weeks and months of work ahead of us to get there. But, we are on the road to getting there, for sure,” Crozer-Chester Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gary Zimmer said. Read more about lucky vaccine recipients at