Newtown Square Mom Connects Hungry Families With Those Who Can Help

Together We Can volunteers organize food for distribution. Image via

Patty Bassett of Newtown Square knew times were bad for some families, even before the pandemic came, writes Jessica Balatt Press for

In Delaware County, 12.3 percent of people are food insecure. In Chester, it’s 30 to 40 percent.

Bassett was especially worried about families with young children and senior citizens who may not have access to food distribution centers because of mobility, health or other barriers.

Working with Gloria Maples at Family and Community Services of Delaware County, they created Together We Can. The pilot program connected families who wanted to give with local people in need.

Families gave lists to Bassett. Donor had items delivered anonymously or dropped off at Bassett’s house.

In the last month, 30 donors fed 22 families, or 84 people the equivalent of 1,275 meals.

“A lot of people think that food insecurity is caused by the lack of food, but it’s not,” Bassett says. “Our country has plenty of food. The issues are logistics and access.”

Two of the biggest barriers are economic—job loss, medical issues and debt; and transportation to get to supermarkets and food banks.

Read  more at  about Patty Bassett and her effort to bring available food to struggling families.

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