Chester Woman Survives Adversity to Turn Her Passion for Cleaning Into a Business

David Bjorkgren
Betty Dorsey with husband Anthony Dorsey at the Chester Housing Authority. Image via Monica Herndon, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Betty Dorsey has always kept an immaculate home but it took a battle with breast cancer,  a house fire and her chef husband’s unemployment following a truck accident to turn her desire for cleanliness into a business, writes Marc Narducci for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The 56-year-old Chichester resident needed money while her husband Anthony was out of work. She started her own cleaning service in 2016 while battling lupus.

“I did a lot of research, and I learned when you do something and have a passion for it, you can succeed,” she said. “I have always had a passion for cleaning and was good at cleaning my own house because I loved it so much.”

Soon A.G.D. Manna was open for business. Her husband and son work with her.

Now she’s created a guide in collaboration with the Chester Housing Authority, “Ready, Set, Go! Action Plan to a Clutter Free and Health Home Environment.”

The guide offers room by room cleaning tips and stresses how a clean house affects all other aspects of your life.

Not only that, the CHA hired A.G.D. Manna to clean its administration building.

About 1,000 guides have been sold.

Read more about Betty Dorsey in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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