Disabled Veteran Wins Mortgage-Free Home in Aldan Through Military Warriors Support Foundation

Image via Kathleen Carey, Digital First Media.

Disabled veteran Michael Lowe has won a mortgage-free home in Aldan through the Military Warriors Support Foundation’s Homes 4 Wounded Heroes program, writes Kathleen Carey for the Daily Times.

The 37-year-old Purple Heart recipient joined the army in March 2003 serving in both Korea and Iraq. He got injured three times in combat before being medically retired in 2006.

Lowe was living in Harrisburg with his six adoptive children when he realized he needed a bigger home. He knew about the Military Warriors Support Foundation so he applied, but was denied.

However, he was later contacted by foundation representatives to fill out an application for a four-bedroom home in Aldan.

He then discovered he was one of the finalists. He had to meet with Citizens Bank so they could make a final decision, and was overjoyed when he learned he had been chosen.

The family was welcomed to their new home with a parade and a lot of fanfare by the Phillie Phanatic, the Mummers, and 150 students from Aldan Elementary on November 2.

“It was really, really overwhelming,” said Lowe. “I never thought that something like this could happen to me.”

Read more about the happy family at Daily Times by clicking here.

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