Springfield Woman Recovers from Eating Disorder by Creating Unique Wellness Business

Image of Jaclyn DiGregorio via Digital First Media.

Jaclyn DiGregorio of Springfield has turned her experiences of recovering from an eating disorder into a unique wellness business that promotes healthy living along with a strong mind, body, and spirit, writes Peg DeGrassa for the Springfield Press.

Although a healthy athlete in high school, DiGregorio developed a Binge Eating Disorder while attending Georgetown University.

“During my first two years of college, I dealt with an emotionally and physically vicious cycle of overly restrictive diets resulting in binge eating,” said DiGregorio.

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But after meeting with a registered dietician, she designed a healthy eating plan and discovered the direct link between her low self-confidence and her eating habits. This turned into her program to re-nourish and re-educate both the mind and body now known as The CUSP Method.

She has also written an Amazon bestseller entitled The CUSP Method: Your Guide to Balanced Portions and a Healthy Life. She then used the capital generated by the book, along with $20,000 in Kickstarter funds, to create the popular CuspIt educational/wellness app.

The app features recipes for balanced meals, workouts developed by Kevin Miller, the trainer for the Villanova University women’s soccer team, and weekly challenges focusing on stress management and mindfulness.

Read more about Jaclyn DiGregorio in the Springfield Press by clicking here.

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