DELCO Market: Amazon Key Home Kit Protects Deliveries from Being Snatched off Your Porch

Amazon Key Home Kit is a combination of a smart lock and a smart camera that allows the delivery of Amazon packages inside people’s home.

Amazon Key Home Kit is a new concept in the world of package delivery. Its combination of a smart lock and smart camera allow deliveries to be dropped off directly into customer’s homes.

Amazon keyless, guest-entry and in-home delivery system includes a smart lock and security camera.

The high-tech package delivery system is easy to install and use. The owner of the home can use the Amazon Key mobile app to unlock the door, and can also grant access for their contacts to be able to do the same.

Anyone making deliveries is granted access through the delivery app once they reach their destination. But the system only works if the delivery person is at the right house in the right order.

When the door is unlocked to receive a delivery, the camera activates and starts recording. The app provides alerts to your mobile device whenever the front door is locked or unlocked. You can also use it to take a look using the camera on your mobile device anytime you wish.

As part of its plans to continue improving on and adding new features to the system, Amazon recently acquired Ring, the global home security company and new home for employees of Zonoff, the home technology developer in Malvern.


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