Former Radnor Commissioner Starts Record Label to Help Musicians Get a Fair Deal

Image via Winding Way Records.

John Fisher, the former commissioner of Radnor Township, has started a recording company, Winding Way Records, in Newtown Square to help other musicians get a fair deal, writes Linda Stein for Main Line Media News.

“What motivated me to do this was watching all my friends who were major label stars and had no money in the bank and no savings,” said Fisher. “The record labels kept all the profits.”

Fisher, who spent eight years on the board of commissioners, has played drums and percussion from a very young age. He soon realized that the industry has the odds stacked against the artist, and decided to become part of the solution.

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“In the past, labels took all the rights away from the artists,” he said. “They owned the recording, the publishing, the copyright. It was horrible. So we’ve decided to flip it.”

Under Winding Way, the rights to the music are licensed by the musicians, with the profits being split 70/30 in favor of the artist.

Fisher believes that Winding Way Records is the only record label doing this.

“The beauty of this is when the relationship ends, they walk away with everything,” he said.

Read more about John Fisher at Main Line Media News by clicking here.

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