More Info on Pennsylvania’s New REAL ID-Compliant Driver’s Licenses


More information is slowly coming out regarding Pennsylvania’s new REAL ID-compliant driver’s licenses, which will be issued beginning in March 2019, writes Michaela Winberg for Billy Penn.

The REAL-ID compliance is required by the Department of Homeland Security to improve the security of state-issued driver’s licenses and reduce identity fraud. While it is not required to get one, anyone wanting to board a plane will have to replace their licenses by the 2020 deadline.

The new license will cost $60.50 as it will include a one-time $30 Pennsylvania REAL ID charge. It will last four years, plus any time remaining on your current license. Once the one-time $30 charge is paid, the price will drop back to the usual $30 for renewals.

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In order to get the REAL ID, extra documentation will be required, including a birth certificate, Social Security card, documents showing any legal name changes, and two proofs of current address.

Those who received their driver’s license or ID card after September 2003 may not have to gather all that documentation as it may already be on file with the issuance agency.

Read more about the new ID at Billy Penn here.

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