Penn State Brandywine Students Spend Five Weeks Studying in South Korea

Image via Penn State News.

Penn State Brandywine students recently spent five weeks studying in South Korea thanks to a partnership between the university’s Office of Global Programs and its Education Abroad program, writes Haleigh Swansen for Penn State News.

The program connected Brandywine students with Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul. During the summer-long experience, the students stayed in SKKU dormitories while studying three college courses.

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One of the courses was taught by Byeong-Chul Ben Park, a Penn State Brandywine Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, who was born in South Korea. “Cross Cultural Perspectives of Good Life and Good Death” focuses on diverse cultural beliefs about the afterlife, funeral traditions, and what is considered a good life.

The students were encouraged to spend their spare time exploring Seoul for themselves, both on their own and through organized trips. Among the highlights was a five-day trip into the South Korean countryside, which included an overnight stay at a local Buddhist temple.

“There were students from lots of other countries — Kazakhstan, Singapore, France, China, Spain. You learn a lot about each other,” said Ian Herm, one of the Brandywine students.

Read more about the program at Penn State News by clicking here.

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