Twitter Revitalizes Celebrity Status of Once-Renowned Eagles Fan from Lester

Image of Larry Poff, center, via Daniel Craig, PhillyVoice.

Once a regular on local sports television and talk radio, Eagles fan Larry Poff from Lester has seen his celebrity status revitalized, all thanks to Twitter, writes Daniel Craig for PhillyVoice.

Poff learned of his renewed fame a few weeks ago when friends started sending him videos of his appearances that were now resurfacing. The true shock came when his daughter discovered T-shirts of him for sale.

“I said ‘No way. I cannot believe it,’” said Poff. “And she goes, ‘I’m not kidding, they’re selling T-shirts!’”

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Poff’s original rise to fame came 14 years ago. It followed his angry “three-stinkin’ points” rant when the Eagles’ 14-3 loss to the Carolina Panthers landed him an interview with CSN Philly. This led him to become a regular reactionary voice on the network.

However, the attention fizzled out over time. But thanks to Jeff McDevitt, another Eagles fan from Delaware County, Poff has reemerged through Twitter.

Now, Poff is sending McDevitt videos of past interviews for posting, while learning how to navigate the social media platform.

“I guess I have to now,” said Poff, “as long as someone teaches me how to do it.”

Read more about Larry Poff’s renewed fame at PhillyVoice by clicking here.

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