Three Delco Schools Rank Among State’s Top 10 Best Colleges by Salary Potential

Swarthmore College ranks among the Top 10 Best Colleges in Pennsylvania by Salary Potential. Image via Swarthmore College.

Three Delaware County schools rank among the Top 10 on the list of Best Colleges in Pennsylvania by Salary Potential published by PayScale.

The rankings were compiled using several criteria, including early-career pay, mid-career pay, and job appreciation by the employee. The survey only includes schools that have a substantial number of graduates working for civilian employers across the country.

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Swarthmore College is the highest-ranked school in Delco, checking in at No. 4 with $60,000 in early-career pay, which more than doubles by mid-career to $126,200. Also in Top 10 are Haverford College at No. 7 with $54,700 moving up to $119,500 mid-career, and Villanova University at No. 9 with $61,400 increasing to $119,500 mid-career.

Next on the list is Widener University, which placed 28th with $52,600 early-career and $91,600 by mid-career. Cabrini University is at 47, followed directly by Neumann University at 48. Cabrini graduates have early-career average of $46,000 and mid-career average of $85,200, while Neumann students begin at $48,200, progressing to $85,000 mid-career.

Further down is Eastern University at 65 with $42,700 increasing to $79,400, and Cheyney University rounds out the list at 98 with $38,200 climbing to $61,200.

Read the entire Salary Potential report at PayScale by clicking here.

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