Villanova Launches Unique Program in Accounting, Analytics

Villanova University

To better align with the needs of the Big Four accounting firms, Villanova University’s School of Business has launched a new and unique master’s of accounting program with data analytics, writes Michelle Caffrey for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The program is designed to help students prepare for the working world where the demand for data is constantly growing. The MACDA program is similar to the one that was launched in partnership with KPMG. That program also focuses on data and analytics, and gives students a pathway to work at KPMG after graduation.

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According to Villanova dean Joyce Russell, the school wanted to widen the existing program and increase the number of data analysis tools used. The goal was also to bring insight from the big accounting firms when creating the curriculum.

“Everyone says they want their students to have more data analytics in their courses, and more from the analytics side as it related to accounting,” said Russell.

This was done by integrating data analytics into accounting basics such as taxes and auditing. The aim is to help students learn how to apply them in everyday working situations once they graduate.

Read more about Villanova’s new master’s program in the Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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