New Spirit Filling the Halls of Chester Upland School District

A new superintendent, new teacher contract, and new load of donated school supplies has filled Chester Upland with new inspiration for the school year. Image via Rick Kauffman, Digital First Media.

Local students are set to come back this fall to a Chester Upland School District that looks much the same but feels newly inspired.

The oft-disadvantaged school district has caught a fresh breath of air with a new superintendent, new teacher contract, and new shipment of elementary school supplies, according to a Daily Times report by Rick Kauffman.

“Things are looking up for Chester Upland,” said School of the Arts Principal Sara Ferguson. “We have a lot of supplies that we’ve needed now, we have a lot of partnerships with the community stakeholders, (and) we have a new superintendent who has a new vision for the school district.

“You can feel the change in the air. It’s a new Chester Upland.”

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The supplies, donated by Yoobi, are enough for every student at Stetser, Main Street Elementary, and the Chester Upland School of the Arts.

“We often see that even when (students) have supplies in the classroom, they don’t necessarily have them when they go home,” said Yoobi Chief Giving Officer Justin Wolff. “With these kind of supplies, they’re a lot more than just tools.

“You give these kids confidence and self-worth and a sense that someone out there loves them whose name they don’t even know.”

And the man whose love for Chester Upland kids will provide student-oriented leadership over the coming five years is a name and face they do know: Dr. Juan Baughn.

Read more about the new spirit at Chester Upland in the Daily Times here.

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