Turnpike’s Toll Scofflaws Given Fair Warning

The planned 27 years of consecutive price hikes for the Pennsylvania Turnpike could drive away users. Image via Chris Gardner, Associated Press.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has warned drivers with at least six unpaid tolls or outstanding violations of $500 or more to pay up by Aug. 4, or risk having their vehicle registrations suspended, writes Mari Schaefer for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The new law came into effect on July 5. However, the Commission says that if the 10,611 drivers with overdue violations settle within the next month, they could get a partial amnesty.

To put this into perspective, the Commission has already sent 280,855 violation notices, or more than 26 letters per offender. Excluding the cost of this, there is already a backlog of $17.1 million in outstanding Turnpike fines that could be put to better use.

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The biggest offender is Montgomery County with 60,687 violations and invoices sent to residents. Slightly further down the list is Chester County in seventh at 13,400, with Delaware County just behind in eighth with 12,423.

Now, the Commission has told offenders who have repeatedly ignored collection attempts that any new fees will be waived under the new amnesty program. Also, drivers who have fewer than six overdue fines can also take advantage of a new plan to avoid further penalties.

Read more about the Turnpike amnesty in the Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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