Move Over, Melinda Gates and Beyoncé! Make Room on This List for SAP’s Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan
Listed alongside some of the world’s most famous moms, SAP’s Jennifer Morgan has made her mark for transforming the cloud and gender equality.

For her role in transforming the cloud and championing gender equality in the workplace, Jennifer Morgan, an executive board member of Newtown Square’s SAP, finds her name right alongside famous moms like Melinda Gates, Adele, Beyonce, J.K. Rowling, Chelsea Clinton, and Ivanka Trump.

Morgan was selected as one of the elite 50 Most Powerful Moms of 2017 by Working Mother.

“Balancing the demands of career and family is a challenge that isn’t for the faint of heart,” the magazine stated in announcing the Top 50. “Often, it calls for merciless multitasking, artful prioritizing, and justified juggling.”

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Morgan has guided her sons, 15-year-old Ned and 12-year-old Eric, while overseeing SAP’s $7 billion in revenue and its more than 20,000 employees.

“Every mom knows that achieving a perfect balance is difficult and often fleeting,” Morgan said. “Every family is different, but I think the best kind of balance comes when you make conscious, deliberate choices with your family, accept the inevitable stretches of imperfection and imbalance, and embrace and be present in the moments you have with those you care about.

“It’s the moments that matter!”

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