Sharon Hill’s Scenery First Brings the Revolution to Life


Sharon Hill’s Scenery First crafted the true-to-period setting that will help bring history to life at Philly’s new Museum of the American Revolution. Image of owners Jack Doyle, left, and Michael Barone via Peg DeGrassa, Ridley Town Talk.

Working behind the scenes for nearly a year, Sharon Hill-based Scenery First has reshaped modern Philadelphia into the Revolutionary War stage it once was.

This week, the world will be able to step back into history and walk on concrete floors made to “look muddy, icy, snowy, wet, or covered with human footprints or animal tracks,” according to a Ridley Town Talk report by Peg DeGrassa.

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Scenery First’s contribution to Philly’s brand new Museum of the American Revolution, opening on Wednesday, is the setting that will help “bring to life the events, people, and ideals of the founding of the United States, and inspire a deep appreciation of the importance of the struggle that established a nation.”

The 25-year-old company owned by Media’s Jack Doyle and Norristown’s Michael Barone “sawed, hammered, designed, sculpted, painted, welded, and sewn a variety of props and scenery to recreate the Revolutionary War time period,” the article explained.

“We are all so honored to be a part of this beautiful new museum that commemorates the greatest event in the history of our country,” said Scenery First Sculptor Team Manager Brett Alexander.

“Being from the Philadelphia area makes being a part of creating this wonderful museum even more special. We feel as if we are a part of the city’s history.”

Read more about Scenery First’s work in the Museum of the American Revolution from Ridley Town Talk here.

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