Call for Caution as Natural Gas Booms in Chester

The anticipation of a natural gas-related industrial boom in Chester is so palpable that Lt. Gov. Mike Stack, center, has been asked to guide its responsible growth. Image via the Daily Times.

With billions of dollars literally headed down a natural gas pipeline, the anticipation of an industrial boom in Chester is palpable.

And Lt. Gov. Mike Stack met the mix of both excitement and caution with a message of balance during the recent Sustainable Energy Leadership Forum at Widener University, according to a Daily Times report by Kathleen Carey.

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“The people’s interests should be protected and, of course, their safety,” Stack said. “I think the people, the residents of Chester, should really be the key beneficiaries.”

At the center of the anticipation is a proposed but unfunded riverfront facility for liquefied natural gas by Penn America Energy.

“We’re not against economic development. We’re against cancer; we’re against asthma and sick families,” said Chester Environmental Partnership Chairman Rev. Horace Strand.

“I’m not saying we don’t want it done; we just want it done right.”

Should the natural gas project obtain funding, a Penn America spokeswoman said it would engage the community in at least three years of dialogue and regulatory review.

Read more about the natural gas facility proposal and concerns in the Daily Times here.

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